Words are powerful. When you continuously listen to negative words, you unconsciously begin to believe them and act on them. This is why you need to be careful who you associate with and who you listen to.

‪Years ago, I had just gotten admission into the University. As a newbie or ‘fresh fish’ as they used to call the new students, a lot of guys wanted to date me or just be friends with me. I remember being friends with this particular guy. Lets call him Todd. ‪I think Todd was in his second or third year. Each time we talked, Todd would always say things like “why did you choose this school? This school is an EVIL school. They won’t give you good grades and they won’t let you graduate no matter how hard you work.”

Yes, Todd used the word EVIL to describe my new school that I was so excited about and was going to spend the next 5 years of my life in. I was still new on campus and lectures had not even started and there he was, feeding me with these negativities. “What is your CGPA?” I asked.‬ “It’s a third class,” he answered. That is a 1.50-2.39 out of 5 CGPA. Then it dawned on me that his words were coming from a place of frustration and disappointment. Immediately, I disassociated myself from him.

I mean, I came into the university with the aim of making a first class (4.5-5.0 out of 5), so this person with this type ‪of mindset was definitely not what I needed. I was wise enough to know that in order to achieve my goal, I needed positive minded, smart and hardworking people with the never-give-up spirit. And those were the type of people I made friends with. Throughout my 5 years as an undergraduate, friends around me were ‪smart and hardworking students. If you were not one before we met, you somehow find yourself working hard too. And at last, I graduated with a first class in chemical engineering. And I cannot say I experienced the negativities he portrayed the school with.‬ ‪I can only tell you that there were some lecturers/professors who had strict teaching styles but they never gave me a grade that was not what I deserved. So be careful who you associate with if you want to excel in any area of life.

It could be in your place of work or even in your relationship or marriage. Please distance yourself from people who only have negative things to say about things.