When I was in junior high school, on this particular day, I had a fee to pay and I was given the money for it. I did not go to school with snacks or lunch and I ended up being really hungry all day. When I came back from school and told my mum how hungry I was in school, she asked “didn’t you have any money with you to buy snacks?” I responded that the only money I had on me was the one meant for my fees. She went ahead to ask “why didn’t you buy food with the money?” Puzzled, I replied “mummy, didn’t you hear me say the money I had was meant for my fees?”

Then mummy said to me “yes, I heard you. You had money, yet you were so hungry because you had to pay dues. Do you know that if you had died in school because of hunger, we would have used that same money and added some more money to it to arrange your burial ceremony? It is only the living that can go to school”

That day, I learnt a life lesson: never joke with my stomach. My mum taught me never to starve myself or be stingy when it comes to the food I eat. No wonder no matter how broke she was, she never made a cheap soup for us to eat. She would complain of not having any money but her soup was always filled with the choicest ingredients. Always.

She believes in eating well and taking care of your body because when you are healthy then you can achieve anything. So up till today, I don’t joke with my food. I would give up money for clothing or other things just to eat well. And I have cultivated the culture of “I eat whatever I feel like eating as long as I can afford it.”

Some times we get so caught up in our appearance and goals that we forget our physical body. I have seen people buy designers bags and shoes but when it comes to food, they are stingy. While growing up, we had this neighbor who would always buy good clothes for her kids but when it came to food, they ate like paupers. Like my mum said “only the living can go to school.” So here I am, telling you that “only the living can achieve goals.” Do not be stingy to your health. Eat well. Eat right. Stay healthy. Most times all you need to stay healthy is good food. Remember, health is wealth.

“Thank you for attending my TED talk. lol”