“Once again, you are welcome to my TED talk. Grab a seat, if you prefer to lie down, we have bed by the side. Just make yourself comfortable as we start. lol”

It is a brand new year and it is typical for people to make new year resolutions; even though some people disagree with the idea of new year resolution. They say there is nothing magical about January 1st and that one can decide to set new goals or turn a new leaf any day, any month. That not withstanding, I encourage you to set some new year resolutions for this year so as to keep yourself in check as you accomplish the set goals. Remember, it is going to be an amazing year but you have to consciously work towards it.

“At this point, I want you to grab your jotter and pen. Yeah, we will be doing some writing.”

Now, let’s start from the past year. I want you to take 2-5 minutes to ask yourself: what did I accomplish this past year? Did I make any difference in my life? what could I have done better in the past year? Go ahead and write the answers to this questions. If you did great, that means you have to do greater this year. If it wasn’t a good year, have it in mind that there is no room for regret, the past is in the past, you can do better this year.

Are you sure you’re comfortable? You can get a cup of coffee or tea, there is milk by the side.”

Now to the new year resolution, we are going to start with daily plans. That is plans of things you can do on a daily basis. Remember, the goal is to do better than what you did last year which I believe you have already written down. If your daily routine is to wake up from sleep, go to work/school, come back in the evening, attend to family, be on your phone, watch TV or/and go to bed, then I am here to tell you that you can do better with 24 hours. Let’s set resolutions for a typical work day.

  1. Take 5-15 minutes to pray/meditate: immediately you open your eyes to a new day, if you are a believer, take this time or more to say some prayer, study the holy book and speak positivity into your day and life. If you are not a believer, take this time to meditate, reflect on your plans/life and build a positive mindset for the day.

2. Take 5-15 minutes to exercise: if you are in my clique, that is the clique of gym non-goers, this new year is the time to stop being lazy. We can do better. You see that belly fat; yeah that one you are touching right now, you can work on it. lol. So, take this time (or more) to go to the gym, run, use the equipment in your apartment or follow a workout tutorial on Youtube. I usually follow a workout tutorial on YouTube even though I am not consistent but then thats why I am also making this new year resolution. Trust me, this few minutes of exercise goes a long way to keep one fit and prepare one’s body and brain for the day’s work.


3. Take time to cook : I know this is a no go area for some people especially single people and people without kids. But you can save some dime and also eat healthy by cooking your own food. This can be done in the morning or at night and it must not necessarily be everyday. You can set out a particular day to cook and store for the week/month. I know the week can get busy and you might not have time to cook; but if you don’t eat healthy, how are you going to maintain that shape or burn that belly fat or even build that abs you want?

“I hope you are not getting bored or saying “nah this is not me. ” Just relax, you can do it. If you’ve run out of tea/coffee, you can go pour some more, I will wait for you……

“Alright, welcome back.”

4. Make a to-do list: to-do list has been saving my life since 1880. If this is not part of your daily routine, now is the time to add it. It helps keep you in check and also comes with a good feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day when you strike off the things you accomplished. To do this, simply use a jotter or note app on your smart phone and list everything you have to do that day. Visit the list as the day goes by to check on what you have to do and strike off the ones you’ve done. Trust me, this really helps. And if you are fond of forgetting things, this can be a life saver.


5. Take 30 minutes to read: Now, you’ve gone to work/school and you are back. No, don’t just have dinner, attend to family and start watching TV or surfing the internet/social media until you fall asleep. Yeah, I know you are tired. I know you had a long day or probably stayed long on the road due to traffic. I know you have shows to catch up on. I know you’ve got to watch that soccer or the news. I know you probably have home work to do or some work to finish. Well, go ahead and do them but I need you to spare a minimum of 30 minutes. Yes 30 minutes. Pick up that book (Not work related or school related book), that book that you are probably going to buy after reading this post, yeah that one. You know that book that have been on your table/shelf or that one that have been on your phone/tab, yes that one, this is the time to read it. Give it a minimum of 30 minutes. Even if you get to read only one page, that is completely fine. Part of the goal is to read many books this year (We will discuss this later).

This is a book sitting on my shelf that I read almost half way since summer 2019. So yeah, I am doing better this year.

6. Take time to reflect on the day: you’ve done a great job so far and it’s time to retire to bed. Take a few minutes to reflect on the day. How far did you go in accomplishing the day’s goal? Was it great day? If it was, kudos! If it wasn’t, don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is another day to try again.

You probably have a lot of things to do in a day, but adding these six points and sticking to them will go a long way to foster the other things that you have to do. The goal is to make great use of 24 hours.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Please kindly put away your tea/coffee cup. And I hope you have a fulfilling 24 hours from now on. See you in the next talk where we will talk about plans for the year.”